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Natural Sciences

General Science & Medicine

Hubert I. Aaronson and George S. Ansell [eds] (1967; First , Limited and Signed), “High-Temperature High-Resolution Metallography” (New York: Gordon and Breach) £5.00
Hardback, no d/w. Very good condition, with lib. stamp removed from front paste-down, stamp and “Withdrawn” to fep, lib stamp to lower edge. No other markings or inscriptions. Pp 381. Proceedings of a symposium sponsored by Ferrous Metallurgy Committee, Institute of Metals Division, The Metallurgical Society, American Institute of Mining, Metallurgical and Petroleum Engineers at Chicago, Feb. 15 1965.

David J. Aidley and Peter R. Stanfield (1998; Reprint), “Ion Channels: Molecules in Action” (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) £18.00 £16.20
Paperback, no d/w. Single crease down front cover, a few creased pages, and two or three small highlightings, otherwise very good condition. Pp xii, 307.

Colin G.G. Aitken and Franco Taroni (2004; Second Edition), “Statistics and the Evaluation of Evidence for Forensic Scientists” (Chichester: John Wiley & Sons) £45.00 £40.50
Hardback, no d/w. Laminated boards in fine condition. Pp xxx, 509. A volume in the “Statistics in Practice” series.

Alacevic, Hranueli and Toman [eds] (1986; First , Limited and Signed), “Genetics of Industrial Microorganisms [2 Vols]” (Zagreb: Pliva) £40.00 £36.00
Hardbacks in d/ws. 2 volumes, of which both books and d/ws are in fine, [unread?], condition. Proceedings of GIM Symposium 1986, in Split. Part A: pp xix, 499; part B: pp xvii, 579. Part A stamped “Author's copy” on HTP, and contains publisher's promotional leaflet. Includes 100 different papers.

Stefan Anderberg, Sylvia Prieler, Krysztof Olendrzynski, and Sander de Bruyn (2000; First Edition), “Old Sins: Industrial Metabolism, Heavy Metal Pollution, and Environmental Transition in Central Europe” (Tokyo: United Nations University Press) £15.00 £13.50
Paperback, no d/w. Light shelf-wear only. Pp viii, 194.

David Arthey and Colin Dennis [eds] (1991; First , Limited and Signed), “Vegetable Processing” (Glasgow: Blackie & Son Ltd) £40.00 £36.00
Hardback, in d/w. Both book and d/w as new. Pp xiii, 279.

Christopher Ball (1984; First , Limited and Signed), “Genetics and Breeding of Industrial Microorganisms” (Boca Raton: CRC Press) £30.00 £27.00
Hardback, no d/w. Lovely condition. Pp 203. Signed and dedicated on fep.

David Bourn and Roger Blench [eds] (1999; First Edition), “Can Livestock and Wildlife Co-Exist?: An Interdisciplinary Approach” (London: Overseas Development Institute / the Environmental Research Group Oxford) £65.00 £58.50
Paperback, no d/w. Book as new. Pp xviii, 251. With charts, tables, maps (some in colour). Livestock, wildlife and people in the semi-arid rangeland of eastern Africa.

J.H. Chesters (1974; First , Limited and Signed), “Refractories for Iron and Steel Making” (London: The Metals Society) £25.00 £22.50
Hardback, in d/w. D/w slightly sunned down spine, book in fine condition. Presentation label, signed by author, to front paste-down. Pp viii493.

Franco Crainz (1986; First Edition), “Il Taglio Cesareo Nel Mito e Nella Leggenda” (Rome: Janssen) £18.00 £16.20
Paperback, no d/w. Corners bumped, light shelf-wear. Pp 47. Illustrated in colour and b&w. Italian Text. Signed and dedicated by author on title page.

Surajit K. De Datta (1981; 2nd Edition), “Principles and Practices Of Rice Production” (Chichester: Wiley-Blackwell) £18.00 £16.20
Paperback, no d/w. Previous owner's name to fep, otherwise in fine condition. Pp xix, 618.

“Effect of Second-Phase Particles on the Mechanical Properties of Steel” (1971; First Edition) (London: Iron and Steel Institute) £15.00
Hardback, in d/w. Light shelf-wear only. BSC sticker and “withdrawn” on fep ; BSC stamp to tp. ; no other markings or inscriptions. Pp 214. Proceedings of a conference by BSC and ISI at Scarborough 24-25 March 1971.

D. F. Ellison Nash (1967; Reprint of Third Edition), “The Principles and Practice of Surgical Nursing” (London: Edward Arnold) £8.50 £7.65
Hardback with protected dust wrapper. Dust wrapper is complete and is in very good condition. Dark blue / gilt. No wear or markings to boards or spine. Previous owner's signature to half-title page. No other markings or inscriptions to interior. Pp xiv, 1088; with fifty-six tables; lavishly illustrated throughout with line diagrams and photographic illustrations in text; with index. Third Edition. An excellent volume in lovely condition.

Food Policy and Food Science Service (1981; Third Printing), “Amino-acid Content of Foods and Biological Data on Proteins” (Rome: Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations) £12.00 £10.80
Paperback, no d/w. Light shelf-wear only. Internally fine condition, with no markings or inscriptions. Pp x, 285. Text in English, French and Spanish.

Bruce C. Gates (1992; Second Printing), “Catalytic Chemistry” (New York: John Wiley & Sons) £25.00 £22.50
Paperback, no d/w. Light shelf-wear only; appears unread. Pp xxi, 458, [2].

G. Nigel Gilbert and Michael Mulkay (1984; First , Limited and Signed), “Opening Pandora's Box: a Sociological Analysis of Scientists' Discourse” (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press) £50.00 £45.00
D/w has a 1” repaired tear to head of spine, otherwise in excellent condition. Maroon/gilt hardback book in excellent condition: previous owner's address sticker to fep, copyright page bears the stamp “Hc edition at pb price”. Pp viii, 202.

D.W. Hall (1980; Third Edition, Fifth Printing), “Handling and Storage of Food Grains in Tropical and Subtropical Areas” (Rome: Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations) £10.00 £9.00
Paperback, no d/w. Light shelf-wear only. Pp xiv, 350.

S. E. Harding & A. J. Rowe [eds] (1989; First Edition), “Dynamic Properties of Biomolecular Assemblies” (Cambridge: Royal Society of Chemistry) £20.00 £18.00
Hardback, no d/w. Laminated boards, in fine condition. Pp 373. Special publication No. 74. The proceedings of a symposium organised jointly by the Colloid and Interface Science Group of the Royal Society of Chemistry and the Techniques Group of the Biochemical Society.

Werner Heimann (1982; Reprint), “Fundamentals of Food Chemistry” (Chichester: Ellis Horwood Ltd., [for the Society of Chemical Industry]) £40.00 £36.00
Paperback, no d/w. Light shelf-wear only. Pp 344.

Barry Hindess (1977; First Edition), “Philosophy and Methodology in the Social Sciences” (Hassocks, Sussex: Harvester Press) £12.00 £10.80
Hardback, in d/w. D/w chipped along edges. Book bumped at head and tail of spine. Pp 258.

P. B. Hirsch, A. Howie, R.B. Nicholson, D.W. Pashley and M.J. Whelan (1967; Reprint), “Electron Microscopy of Thin Crystals” (London: Butterworths) £125.00 £112.50
Hardback, no d/w. Dark blue cloth slightly bumped to head and tail of spine, shelf-wear to lower edges, lib.nos to spine, but really in good condition. Internally lib. stamp and “Withdrawn” on fep, but no other markings or inscriptions. Pp ix, 549.

Paul Illing (2001; First Edition), “Toxicity and Risk: Context, Principles and Practice” (London: Taylor & Francis) £20.00 £18.00
Paperback, no d/w. Slight water damage to fore-edge, otherwise very good condition. Pp viii, 154.

Brigitte Jordan (1993; Fourth Edition), “Birth in Four Cultures: a Crosscultural Investigation of Childbirth in Yucatan, Holland, Sweden, and the United States” (Prospect Heights, IL: Waveland Press) £15.00 £13.50
Paperback, no d/w. Spine slightly faded, previous owner's inscription to htp, otherwise fine condition. Pp xxi, 235. Revised and expanded by Robbie Davis-Floyd.

Cynthia Klein (2000; Reprint), “Diagnosing Dyslexia” (London: The Basic Skills Agency) £25.00 £22.50
Paperback, no d/w. As new, with no markings or inscriptions. Pp 88. “A guide to the assessment of adults with specific learning difficulties.”

“Low-Alloy Steels” (1968; First Edition) (London: The Iron and Steel Institute) £8.00
Hardback, in d/w. D/w worn and creased along all edges; book bumped at corners. BISRA lib plate to front paste-down, “withdrawn” written on htp. Internally in fine condition, with no other markings or inscriptions. Pp 269. Proceedings of the joint conference held by BISRA and the ISI at Scarborough, 2-4 April 1968. ISI publication # 114.

“Methods of Chemical Analysis of Iron and Steel” (1974; First Edition) (Sheffield: British Steel Corporation) £8.00
Hardback, no d/w. Dark green paper-covered boards, shelf-wear to extremities, otherwise fine condition. Internally as new, with no markings or inscriptions. NOT EX-LIB. Pp xi, 161.

J.M.H. Moll (1987; Limited, Numbered and Signed First Edition), “The Heberden Society: History, Portraits and Biographies, with Special Reference to Presidents, Orators, Roundsmen, and Honorary Members” (London: Chapman and Hall Medical) £12.00 £10.80
Hardback, in protected d/w. Both book and d/w in fine condition. Pp xxxii, 381. Number 308 of a limited edition of 1,000 signed copies. Published for The British Society for Rheumatology.

David O. Norris & James A. Carr (2006; First Edition), “Endocrine Disruption: Biological Bases for Health Effects in Wildlife and Humans” (New York: Oxford University Press) £60.00 £54.00
Hardback, no d/w. Laminated, pictorial boards, in fine condition. Pp xiv, 477.

G. Pontecorvo (1985; First , Limited and Signed), “Topics in Genetic Analysis” (Bangalore: Indian Academy of Sciences) £15.00 £13.50
Softcover, no d/w. Top of spine bumped, previous owner's stamp to fep, o/w in fine condition. Selected papers of G. Pontecorvo, Raman Professor, 1982-83. Pp c400? - papers paginated individually, or in wrong sequence.

R. M. Rees, B. C. Ball, C. D. Campbell and C. A. Watson [eds] (2001; First Edition), “Sustainable Management of Soil Organic Matter” (Wallingford, Oxon.: CABI Publishing) £60.00 £54.00
Hardback, no d/w, as issued. Laminated pictorial boards, as new. Pp xx, 440.

Robbelen, Downey and Ashri [eds] (1989; First , Limited and Signed), “Oil Crops of the World: their Breeding and Utilization” (New York: McGraw-Hill) £40.00 £36.00
Hardback, no d/w. Book as new. Pp xviii, 553.

Peter Rowlands and J. Patrick Wilson (1994; First Edition), “Oliver Lodge and the Invention of Radio” (Liverpool: PD Publications) £30.00 £27.00
Paperback, no d/w. Slight indentations on front cover, otherwise fine condition. Pp vii, [4], 241. Illustrated in b&w. Signed and dated on htp by both authors.

S. C. Salmon and A. A. Hanson (1964; First , Limited and Signed), “The Principles and Practice of Agricultural Research” (London: Leonard Hill) £5.00
Hardback, in protected d/w. D/w edge-worn, with very minor loss. Book has slight wear to head of spine, and lower edge. Pp xi, 384.

Robert Schwartz (1994; First Edition), “Vision: Variations on Some Berkeleian Themes” (Oxford: Blackwell) £15.00 £13.50
Paperback, no d/w. Book in fine condition. Pp vii, 162.

John E. Smith and John A. Pateman [eds] (1977; First , Limited and Signed), “Genetics and Physiology of Aspergillus” (London: Academic Press) £3.00
Hardback, no d/w. Light shelfwear only. Previous owner's stamp to fep. Pp x, 552. The British Mycological Society Symposium Series No 1.

“Standard Methods of Analysis of Iron, Steel and Associated Material” (1961: Fifth Edition) (Sheffield: United Steel) £20.00 £18.00
Hardback in d/w. D/w is scuffed, book is as new. Pp xiii, 247. “As used in the Laboratories of the United Steel Companies Ltd.”

“Stereology and Quantitative Metallography” (1972; First , Limited and Signed) (Philadelphia: The American Society for Testing and Materials) £15.00 £13.50
Hardback, no d/w. Spine lightly faded, BISRA label to front paste-down, previous owner's name to fep, otherwise in fine condition, with no other markings or inscriptions. Pp 182. A symposium presented at the 74th annual meeting of the ASTM in Atlantic City, 27th June to 2nd July 1971.

R. C. Ward and M. Robinson (1990; Third Edition, Fifth Printing), “Principles of Hydrology” (Maidenhead, Berks.: McGraw-Hill Book Co.) £4.00
Paperback, no d/w. Light shelf-wear only. Pp xvi, 365.

Simon J. Williams, Jonathan Gabe and Michael Calnan [eds] (2000; First Edition), “Health, Medicine and Society : Key Theories, Future Agendas” (London: Routledge) £20.00 £18.00
Paperback, no d/w. Creased down spine, light shelf-wear. Pp xvi, 366.

James E. Wimberly (1983; First , Limited and Signed), “Technical Handbook for the Paddy Rice Postharvest Industry in Developing Countries” (Manila: International Rice Research Institute) £15.00 £13.50
Paperback, no d/w. The lightest of shelf-wear only. Pp 188.

M. Zamansky (1969; First Edition), “Linear Algebra and Analysis” (London: D. Van Nostrand Company Ltd) £20.00 £18.00
Hardback, in d/w. D/w some loss to edges. Book with only light shelf-wear. No markings or inscriptions. Pp xii, 466.


Derek V. Ager (1981; Second Edition), “The Nature of the Stratigraphical Record” £20.00 £18.00
Paperback, no d/w. Book as new. Pp xiv, 122. Illustrated in b&w.

Natural History

G.C. Ainsworth and Alfred S. Sussman [eds] (1966; First , Limited and Signed), “The Fungi - an Advanced Treatise - Volume II: The Fungal Organism” £12.00 £10.80
Hardback, no d/w. Minor shelfwear only. Pp xvi, 805.

Gerald Blake [ed] (1987; First , Limited and Signed), “Maritime Boundaries and Ocean Resources” (London: Croom Helm) £12.00 £10.80
Hardback in protected d/w. As new. Rear paste-down/endpaper damaged slightly as produced. Pp [14], 284

Phyllis Briggs (1939; First Edition), “The Silent Hunter” (London: Blackie & Son Ltd) £40.00 £36.00
Hardback, in d/w. Pictorial d/w slightly faded down spine, which has 1cm loss to head, rubbed corners, and small repaired tears to edges; not price-clipped. Book in cream covers with brown lettering to spine; front board with titles and lynx to lower right hand corner; top edge dark grey/brown; previous owner's faint inscription to fep; very good condition indeed. With frontis and 14 full page b&w drawings. Pp 222.

G. J. Brown (1973; First Edition), “Bay, Wold and Headland, 1973” (Bridlington: G. J. Brown) £15.00 £13.50
Softback. Cream-coloured card wraps with plastic grip. See photo. Very little shelfwear to lower edges. Photocopied typescript. No markings or inscriptions to interior. Pp [2], 56; text to recto only. With sketch map of Flamborough Head. This is a report of the birds of Bridlington Bay, the North Wolds and Flamborough Head.

David Carroll (1982; First Edition), “Melton Wood” (Doncaster: Doncaster & District Ornithological Society) £10.00 £9.00
Softback. Pale green card wraps / cloth spine. Photocopied typescript. No markings or inscriptions to interior. Pp 117; illustrated with b&w line drawings and high-quality coloured photographs. This is no. 2 of the 'Lapwing Special Series'. It is a comprehensive study of the natural history of Melton Wood near Doncaster.

Philip & Helen Gosse (1927; Limited Edition), “Gathered Together” (Chelsea, London: The Swan Press) £50.00 £45.00
1/4 cream buckram, label to spine, “Swan” red and white paper-covered boards, lower corners slightly worn. Pp 3 blanks, htp, tp, dedication, 15, 3 blanks. Printed at the Swan Press in Baskerville type on Antique laid paper. Limited edition of 250 copies, of which this is number 4. Signature of Michael Maclagan to fep. Inscribed on 2nd blank: “To J.E. Spearing from Helen Gosse, March 7th 1927”.

Stephen Lorand and Keith Atkin (1989; First Edition), “The Birds of Lincolnshire & South Humberside” (Hawes: Leading Edge) £30.00 £27.00
Pictorial card wraps, faded down spine. Pp 224. Illustrated in b&w. Signed by both authors on tp.

Chris Mattison (1987; First , Limited and Signed), “Frogs and Toads of the World” (Poole: Blandford Press) £10.00 £9.00
Hardback, in protected d/w. D/w sunned down spine, otherwise fine condition, not price-clipped. Book in fine condition. Pp 191. Illustrated throughout in black & white and colour. SIGNED and DEDICATED on half-title page: “To Eileen, best wishes, Chris Mattison”.

Derrik Mercer & David Puttnam (1988; First , Limited and Signed), “Rural England: Our Countryside at the Crossroads” (London: Macdonald Queen Anne Press) £14.00 £12.60
Hardback, in d/w. Both book and d/w in fine condition. Pp 240. Photographic illustrations throughout in colour and b&w. SIGNED on title page by David Puttnam.

J A Samson (1984; 3rd Impression), “Tropical Fruits” (New York: Longman) £25.00 £22.50
Hardback, no d/w. Laminated boards, spine slightly faded, light shelf-wear. Pp viii, 250.

Day Son & Hewitt (1900: 13th Edition), “The Half-Crown Key to Farriery; or Veterinary Practice at Home” (London: Royal Animal Medicine Manufactory) £15.00 £13.50
Hard back, no d/w. Dark maroon cloth, gilt title to spine. Head and tail of spine bumped, otherwise in fine condition. Front cover has blind- stamped borders and corners, gilt stamped titles and royal coat of arms, in very fine condition. Decorated end papers. AEG. Two small repaired tears on pp 153/4 & 155/6, otherwise internally also very fine. No foxing, no inscriptions. Pp xv, [2], 201, 24. Subjects covered include cattle, horses, pigs sheep and dogs. The last section is an illustrated trade catalogue of medicines, surgical instuments etc.

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