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Thomas Beecham & London Philharmonic Orchestra “Mozart: Symphonies 29, 31, 34, 35, 36, 38, 39, 40, 41” 3CD (EMI) £12.00 Used - Very Good
Berliner Symphoniker “Léhar: Zigeunerliebe” CD (Eurodisc) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Iona Brown & The Norwegian Chamber Orchestra “Schubert/ Mendelssohn” CD (Naim) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Henry Cowell “American Piano Concertos” CD (Col Legno) £14.95 New
Andrew Davis “Sir Michael Tippett: The Mask Of Time” 2LP Boxset (EMI) £15.00 Used - Very Good
Sir Colin Davis & The London Symphony Orchestra “Britten - A Midsummer Night's Dream” 2CD (Philips Classics) £12.00 Used - Very Good
Anthony Davis “Tania” CD (Koch International Classics) £10.00 Used - Good
Gemma Dibattista & Marilena Liso “Painpo duet (Debussy, Tchaikovsky)” CD (Silta Classics) £12.95 New
Philippe Gaubert “Complete Works For Flute & Piano” 2CD (Brilliant Classics) £4.00 Used - Like New
Pierre Gautier de Marseille “Symphonies” CD (Astrée) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Orlando Gibbons/ Thomas Lupo “Music For Prince Charles” CD (Hyperion) £8.00 Used - Like New
Goldschmidt “Greek Suite” CD (CPO) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Roy Goodman & The Hannover Band “Haydyn: Symphonies 1-5” CD (Hyperion) £3.00 Used - Like New
Pierre Henry “Intérieur Extérieur” CD (Philips) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Intuitive Music Quartet (Mario Mariotti/ Walter Prati/ Mell Morcone/ Giorgio Dini) “Music From Für Kommende Zeiten” CD (Silta Classics) £12.95 New
Kálmán “Gräfin Mariza” CD (EMI) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Otto Klemperer “Mozart: Overtures/ Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” CD (EMI) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Boris Kovać “Play On String” CD (Téatro Miela/ More) £13.95 New
Gianni Lenoci “One – John Cage Piano Music” CD (Silta Classics) £12.95 New
Sir Charles McKerras “Britten: Gloriana” 2CD (Decca) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Bernadette Manca Di Nissa, et al “Pergolesi: La Morte Di San Guiseppe” 2CD (Hommage) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Musicians Accord “Chamber Music With Voice” CD (Mode) £9.95 New
Marilena Paradisi & Michiko Hirayama “Prelude For Voice And Silence” CD (Silta Classics) £12.95 New
Werner Pirchner “EU” 2CD (ECM) £10.00 Used - Very Good
Mikel Rouse “Dennis Cleveland” CD (New World) £11.95 Used - Very Good
Giacinto Scelsi & Stephen Clarke “The Piano Works 2” CD (Mode) £14.95 Used - Very Good
Shostakovich “Symphonies Nos. 12 & 13” 2CD (BMG) £8.00 Used - Like New
Viviane Spanoghe / Georg Philipp Telemann “Twelve Fantasies / Sonata” CD (Etcetera) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Lois Svard “With And Without Memory” CD (Lovely) £13.95 Used - Very Good
Jeffrey Tate & The English Chamber Orchestra “Mozart: Symphonies No.s 36 & 38” CD (EMI Digital) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Annette Vande Gorne “Tao” CD (Empreintes DIGITALes) £7.50 Used - Very Good
Württemberg Chamber Orchestra “Vivaldi: The Four Seasons” Vinyl LP (Turnabout) £20.00 Used - Very Good
Wallberg “Humperdinck: Königskinder” CD (EMI) £15.00 Used - Very Good
Iannis Xenakis “Anastenaria Troorkh Ais” CD (Col Legno) £14.95 New

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