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Contemporary/Experimental/Hip Hop

(VxPxC) “Reticent to Manifest” Cassette (Abandon Ship) £4.00 New
Acid Birds “Acid Birds III” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.99 New
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “Crystal Rainbow Pyramid Under The Stars” CD (Important Records) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Acid Mothers Temple & The Melting Paraiso U.F.O. “Glorify Astrological Martyrdom” Vinyl LP (Important Records) £15.95 New
Paolo Agneli “S'Û” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Ilyas Ahmed “I Am All Your Own” Cassette (Immune) £7.95 New
Ilyas Ahmed “I Am All Your Own” Vinyl LP (Immune) £17.95 New
Åkerlund/ Toeplitz “INERT/E” CD (Recordings of Sleaze Art) £13.95 New
Aktor “I Am The Psychic Wars” Vinyl 7” (Tomi Lepännen and Jussi Lehtisalo of Finn-Rockers CIRCLE and PHARAOH OVERLORD team up with Professor Black on this 45rpm) (Full Contact) £7.95 New
Jack Allett “The Collapsing Middle” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £13.00 New
Heitor Alvelos “Faith” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Oren Ambarchi “Audience of One” 2LP (Touch) £18.95 New
Oren Ambarchi & Martin Ng “Reconnaissance” CD (Staubgold) £10.95 New
AMM “At The Roundhouse” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
AMM “Combine + Laminates + Treatise '84” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
AMM “Fine” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
AMM “Norwich” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
AMM “Tunes Without Measure or End” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
AMM with John Butcher “Trinity” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Thomas Ankersmit “Figueroa Terrace” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Aritomo “Aritomo” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.95 New
Aritomo “Nuevo Mundo” Vinyl 10” (Hakanairo) £10.00 New
Artbreak Hotel/ Graham Moore “Frozen” CD (Blossoming Noise) £5.00 New
Ashtray Navigations “Dirt Mummies And Bloody Amps” Vinyl LP (Freenoise) £11.50 New
Astro Duo “Viper b/w Quantum” Vinyl 12” (Astro) £7.95 New
Ateleia & Benjamin Curtis “Baghdad Batterie” Coloured LP (Clear) (Table of the Elements) £12.95 New - Slight Tear At Bottom of Transparent Sleeve
ATKI2 “Galaxy Zoo” Vinyl 7” (Frijsfo Beats) New £5.95
Avarus “IV” Vinyl LP (Secret Eye/ Ikuisuus) £10.00 New
Avarus “Vesikansi” CD (Secret Eye) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Bad Guys “Bad Guynaecology” CD (Riot Season) £8.95 New
Aidan Baker “Thoughtspan” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 New
Lee Bannon “The Big Toybox” CD (Chillectro) £11.95 New
Lee Bannon “Caligula Theme Music 2.7.5” CD (Chillectro) £11.95 New
Lee Bannon “Cope” CD (Chillectro) £11.95 New
Lee Bannon “Gnarlon Brando's Midnight Noir” CD (Chillectro) £11.95 New
Lee Bannon “Joey Bada$$/ Proera Instrumentals” CD (Chillectro) £11.95 New
Lee Bannon “Never/ Mind/ The/ Darkness/ Of/ It…” CD (Chillectro) £11.95 New
Natasha Barrett “Kraftfelt” CD (Aurora) £8.00 Used - Like New
Natasha Barrett “Peat & Polymer” 2CD (+3db) £22.95 New
Stefan Basho-Jungens “I∫” Vinyl LP (Architects Of Harmonic Rooms) £15.95 New
Marcia Bassett & Samara Lubelski “110 Livingston” Vinyl LP (Golden Lab) £15.95
Jac Berrocal, David Fenech & Vincent Epplay “Antigravity” CD (Blackest Ever Black) £10.95 New
Biosphere “Substrata/ Man With A Camera” 2CD (Touch) £18.95 New
BIOTA “Invisible Map” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Martin Bisi “Ex-Nihilo” Vinyl LP (Labelship) £12.95 New
Black Monk “Flowstone” (Arbor/ NotNotFun) Vinyl LP £12.00 New
Black Sparrow “Once I Get Under A Person's Skin, I'm Like A Splinter” CD (Gold Soundz) £2.50 New
Black To Comm “Black To Comm” 2LP (Type) £17.95 New
James Blackshaw “Summoning Suns” CD (Important) £12.95 New
Blipvert “Quantumbuster Now” Vinyl 12” (East Concrete) £9.95 New
Blues Control “Local Flavor” CD (Siltbreeze) £8.00 New
Bocman “Somewhere Nowhere” CDr (Audiolaceration) £4.00 New
Pierre Boeswillwald “Le Livre Des Morts Ordinaires” CD (Le Chant Du Monde) £6.00 Used - Very Good\ Bong Ra and Deformer “Present Voodoom” 2LP (PRSPCT) £15.50 New
Boredoms “Super Roots 6” CD (Very Friendly) £12.95 New
Alessandro Bosetti “Zwölfzungen” CD (Sedimental) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Böttcher/ Hubweber: “Schnack” Vinyl LP (Anthropometrics) £11.95 New
Frank Bretschneider “Sinn + Form (Meaning + Form)” CD (Raster Noton, Archiv Für Ton Und Nichtton) £13.95 New
Brian Jonestown Massacre “musique de film imaginé” CD (Are) £11.95 New
Peter Broderick “Float” CD (Type) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Brötzmann/ Haino/ O’Rourke “Two City Blues 2” CD (Trost) £13.95 New
Andrew Burnes “Telescope” Coloured LP (Green) (Table of the Elements) £12.95 New - Tear at Bottom of Transparent Sleeve
Randy Burns “Evening Of The Magician” Vinyl LP (Enabling Works) £16.95 New
William S. Burroughs “Häxan: Witchcraft Through The Ages” CD (Sotpackan) £8.95 New
Bury & Disinter/ Somme “Part 1/ Ecologists Club” CD (Static Caravan) £2.00 New
Le Butcherettes “Cry Is For The Flies” CD (Ipecac) £8.95 New
Eddgardo Canton “Promenade D'Été D'Ulis Nasa” CD (Nepless) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Olivier Capparos & Lionel Marchetti “Kitty Hawk: Le Sable et Le Vent” 2CD (Césaré) £18.95 New
Tom Carter & Vanessa Arn “What Is Here For?” Vinyl LP (A Silent Place) £13.95 New
Cassiber “Collaborations/ The Way It Was/ Elvis Has Left The Building” 3CD (ReR) £17.95 New
Central Living “Dune Church” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.95 New
Chain & The Gang “Minimum Rock N Roll” CD (Ian Svenonius' [Nation of Ulysses/ Make Up] latest outfit) (Fortuna POP!) £10.95 New
Joey Chainsaw “Dead Bikini Skull” CD £1.50 New
Anthony Child “Electronic Recordings From Maui Jungle Vol. 1” 2CD (Editions Mego) £21.95 New
Anthony Child “The Space Between People and Things” Vinyl LP (NNA Tapes) £15.95 New
Circle “Sseennsseess” CD (Ektro) £11.95 New
Laura Clock “Baby - Part One” Vinyl 12” (Rinse) £7.95 New
Ken Camden “Dream Memory” CD (Kranky) £11.95 New
Michel Chion “La Tentation de Saint Antoine” 2CD (Nuun) £22.95 New
Cloudland Canyon “Silver Tongued Sisyphus” Vinyl LP (Holy Mountain) £14.95 New
Roger Cochini “Eva Ou Les Yeux Fermés” CD (Le Chant Du Monde) £8.00 Used - Like New
Coil/ Nine Inch Nails “Recoiled” CD (Cold Spring) £10.95 New
Cold World/ Hummingbird of Death Vinyl 12” (Deep Six) £11.95 New
Collections of Colonies of Bees “Six Guitars” Coloured LP (Clear) (Table of the Elements) £12.95 New
Jon Collin “Burnt Monday” Vinyl LP (Golden Lab) £13.95 New
Color Dream “Sky Walker” Cassette (Blackest Rainbow) £4.00 New
Contact “First Contact” Vinyl LP (Temporary Residence) £15.95 New
Cones “Ice Skating Elephants” CDr (Ikuisuus) £2.50 New
Control Unit “In A Frame” Vinyl LP (Limited to 275 copies) (Alt.vinyl) £15.95 New
Lindsay Cooper/ Fred Frith/ Gianni Gebbia/ Lars Hollmer “Angels on the Edge of Time” CD (I Dischi Di Angelica) £13.95 New
Anla Courtis “Tape Works” CD (Pogus) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Richard Crandell “In the Flower of Our Youth” Vinyl LP (Tompkins Square) £14.95 New
The Cutthroats 9 “Dissent” Vinyl LP (Lamb Unlimited) £17.95 New
Cybotron “Clear” Vinyl 12” (LIMITED EDITION CLEAR VINYL) (Decision) £12.95 New
David Daniell “I-IV-V-I” Coloured LP (Yellow) (Table of the Elements) £12.95 New - Band on Transparent Sleeve Broken
Dat Politics “Are Oui Phoney??” CD (Tigerbeat6) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Dat Politics “Sous Hit” Vinyl 12” (Tigerbeat6) £8.00 New
Yannick Dauby “Penghu Experimental Sound Studio Vol.1” Vinyl LP (Discrepant) £13.95 New
Davenport “Rabbit's Foot Propeller” CD (Three Lobed) £4.00 New
Greg Davis “Regarding Wave” CD (Install) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Dead White “Holy Deprivation” CDr (Arbor) £2.50 New
Cam Deas “Blind Chance” Vinyl LP (Present Time Exercises/ Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 New
Cam Deas “Quadtych” CD (Present Time Exercises) £10.00 New
Cam Deas “My Guitar Is Alive And It's Singing” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £10.00 New
Cam Deas “Quadtych Volume Two” Vinyl LP (Present Time Exercises) £12.00 New
Deas & Denton “Untitled” CDr (Blackest Rainbow) £3.00 New
Deliberate “Basic Demographics” Vinyl 12” (Signatura Recordings) £4.95 New
Destroyed In Seconds “Becoming Wrath” Vinyl LP (Deep Six) £11.95 New
Mark Deutrom “Brief Sensuality & Western Violence” LP & 7” (PURPLE VINYL 7” - LIMITED TO 258 COPIES. LEGENDARY PRODUCER [the man behind the sound desk for The MELVINS' classic “OZMA” album] AND EX-MELVINS BASSIST'S LATEST ALBUM HAS NOW LANDED!) (Rock is Hell) £19.95 New
Directing Hand “Songs From The Red House” Vinyl LP (Singing Knives) £12.00 New
Dislocation “Peak To Peak” CD (PSF) £10.00 Used - Like New
DJ Olive “Heaps As, Live In Tasmania” CD (The Agriculture) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Dolphin “Black Gold/ Snow Hill Massacre” Vinyl 12” (Prspct) £7.95 New
Ricardo Donoso “Deterrence” Vinyl LP (Denovali) £20.95 New
Roger Doyle “Chalant - Memento Mori” CD (Psychonavigation) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Duchesses “Estupet” Cassette (American Grizzly) £4.00 New
The Duke St Workshop “Cabin 28” CD (Static Caravan) £10.95 New
Matt Dunning “The Stirring of a Thousand Bells” DVD (Sublime Frequencies) £10.95 New
Earthling Society “England Have My Bones” Vinyl LP (TRANSLUCENT GREEN VINYL - LIMITED TO 500 COPIES) (Riot Season) £15.95 New
Egyptrixx “Transfer of Energy [Feelings of Power]” CD (Halocline Trance) £7.95 New
Electronavn “Songs Of Impermanence” CDr (Ikuisuus) £2.50 New
Eleh / Nana April Jun “Observations & Momentum” Vinyl LP (Touch) £14.95 New
Leif Elggren “All Animals Are Saints” Cassette (The Tapeworm) £6.00 New
Empty Set “As Neat As A New Pin” CD (Tough Love) £4.00 New
Brian Eno “Small Craft On A Milk Sea” CD (Opal/ Warp) £6.00 Used - Excellent
eRikm “L'Art De La Fuite” Vinyl LP (Sonoris) £13.95 New
Expo 70 “Beguiled Entropy” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 New
Jad Fair & Norman Blake “Yes” CD (Joyful Noise) £11.95 New
Jad Fair & Danielson “Solid Gold Heart” CD (Sounds Familyre) £11.95 New
Jad Fair & The Shapir-O'Rama “We Are The Rage” CD (Disk Union) £6.00 Used - Like New
The Family Elan “Bow Low Bright Glow” CD (alt.vinyl) £11.95 New
farmersmanual “Explorers_We” CD (OR) £12.95 New
Father Moo & The Black Sheep “Father Moo & The Black Sheep” CD (Swordfish) £5.95 New
Faust “Faust” CD (ReR) £12.95 New
James Fella/ Shivers “Tape Tectonics” CDr £2.50 Used - Very Good
Christian Fennesz “AUN – The Beginning and the End of All Things” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Fennesz “Field Recordings 1995: 2002” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Fennesz “Flumina” 2CD (Touch) £18.95 New
Fennesz “Mahler Remixed” 2LP (Touch) £17.95 New
Fennesz “Seven Stars” Vinyl 10” (Touch) £10.00 New
Fenn O' Berg “In Stereo” CD (Editions Mego) £12.95 New
Luc Ferrari et L'Ensemble Laborintus et eRikm “Et Tournent Les Sons” CD (Césare) £13.95 New
Filastine “Extra Dirty Bomb” Vinyl 12” (Post World Industries) £6.95 New
Filastine “Selections From The CD “Burn It”” Vinyl 12” (Dutty Artz) £5.95 New
Fire In The Head “Confessions of a Narcissist” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Fish From Tahiti “Decal Baby” Vinyl LP (Harbinger Sound) £12.95 New
Folkstorm “Victory or Death” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Dredd Foole & Ben Chasny “Drunk With Insignificance” Vinyl LP (Feeding Tube) £14.95 New
Dredd Foole “That Lonesome Road Between Hurt And Soul” CD (Bo' Weavil) £10.95 New
Forest Creature “Frustrated Analogue” CD (Blackest Rainbow) £5.00 New
Chris Forsyth “Solar Motel” Vinyl LP (Paradise of Bachelors) £18.95 New
Robin Fox “A Small Prometheus” Vinyl LP (Editions Mego) £16.95 New
Free Jazz Quartet “Memories for the Future” CD (Matchless) £8.00 New
Free School “Hudson’s Whistle/ French Cousins (Maps Re-edit)” Vinyl 7” (Static Caravan) £6.95 New
Fred Frith “Eye To Ear” CD (Tzadik) £13.95 New
Fred Frith “The Previous Evening” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Fred Frith “Speechless” CD (ReR) £12.95 New
From Between “From Between” CD (Soseditions) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Fugazi “First Demo” CD (Dischord) £10.95 New
Fu Manchu “Gigantoid” CD (At The Dojo) £11.95 New
G.D. Luxxe “Make” CD (Tigerbeat6) £4.50 Used - Very Good
Diamanda Galas “Schrei X Live” CD (Mute) £6.00 Used – Very Good
John T. Gast “Excerpts” CD (Planet Mu) £10.95 New
Jennifer Gentle & Kawabata Makoto “The Wrong Cage” CD (Sillyboy Entertainment) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Carlos Giffoni “Adult Life” CD (No Fun Productions) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Bruce Gilbert and BAW “Diluvial” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Go Hiyama “Arc Three” Vinyl 12” (Hue Helix) £7.95 New
Golden Cup “Vagabond” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.95 New
Grinderman “Grinderman” CD (Mute) £3.00 Used - Very Good
GUM “Vinyl Anthology” 2CD (23five) £15.95 New
Steve Gunn “Boerum Palace” Vinyl LP (Three Lobed) £17.95 New
Half Japanese “Volume One: 1981-1985” 3LP (RECORD STORE DAY 2014 RELEASE) (Fire) £42.95 New
Half Japanese “Volume Two: 1987-1989” 3LP (Fire) £42.95 New
Half Japanese “Volume Three: 1990-1995” 3LP (RECORD STORE DAY 2015 RELEASE) (Fire) £37.95 New
Joseph Hammer “Roadless Travel” CD (Art-Into-Life) £18.95 New
Robert Hampson “Vectors” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Martin Hannett “Maverick Producer, Genius And Musician” CD (Ozit Dandelion) £11.95 New
C.M. von Hausswolff “800,000 Seconds In Harar” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
C.M. von Hausswolff “Dark 80ies” Cassette (The Tapeworm) £6.95 New
John Hegre “Colours Don't Clash” CD (Dekorder) £5.00 New
Hey Colossus “In Black & Gold” CD (Rocket) £12.95 New
Don Hobby “Wha Oehla Pack” CD (Leiterwagen) £2.50 New
Will Holshouser Trio “Singing To A Bee” CD (Clean Feed) £5.00 Used - Like New
William Hooker, Bill Horist & Eyvind Kang “The Seasons Fire” CD (Important Records) £9.95 New
Pete Hope's Exploding Mind “Loud/ Wrong/ Proud” Cassette (Wrong Revolution) £8.00 New
Keith K. Hopewell “Chaoid Systems” CD (Vava) £11.95 New
Hox “Duke of York” CD (Editions Mego) £12.95 New
Hox “Duke of York” Vinyl LP (Editions Mego) £1.95 New
I Knew Them “Lying Dead On The Pavement” CD £2.50 New
I Knew Them “The Truth Is In Here” CD (Hair Industries) £2.00 Used - Good
Ice Bound Majesty “A Tomb To Erect” CDr (Frequency Thirteen) £2.50 New
Ides of Gemini “Old World/ New Wave” CD (Neurot) £10.95 New
Ignatz “III” CD (K-RAA-K) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Ryoji Ikeda “+/-“ CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Ryoji Ikeda “0⁰C“ CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Ryoji Ikeda “matrix” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Impractical Cockpit “To Be Treated” CD (Load) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Kozo Inada “c[]” CD (Selektion) £12.95 New
Invaderz “New Found Dialect” Vinyl 12” (Commercial Suicide) £9.95 New
Invisible Sports “Future Tastes” (alt.vinyl) Vinyl LP £9.00 Used - Very Good
Iron Fist of the Sun “We Can Yield Our Own Footsteps” Vinyl LP (Cold Spring) £13.95 New
Paul De Jong “If” CD (Temporary Residence) £11.95 New
Jacaszek & Kwartzludium “Catalogue des Arbres” Vinyl LP (Gusstaff) £13.95 New
Jackie O Motherfucker “The Blood Of Life” CD (Fire) £10.50 New
Essie Jain “The Inbetween” CD (Leaf) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Essie Jain “We Made This Ourselves” CD (Leaf) £5.00 Used - Very Good
David A. Jaycock “Presets” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.50 New
David A. Jaycock “The Improvised Killing Of Uncle Faustus And Other Mythologies” CDr (Early Winter Recordings) £7.50 Used - Very Good
Philip Jeck “20_02_00: Live at ICC, Tokyo” CDr (Touch) £6.95 New
Philip Jeck “Sand” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Philip Jeck “Stoke” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Philip Jeck & Jacob Kikegaard “Soaked” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Zola Jesus “The Spoils” CD (Sacred Bones) £10.95 New
Phil Julian “Trace” Vinyl LP (Harbinger Sound) £12.95 New
Ariel Kalma “An Evolutionary Music (Original Recordings: 1972-1979)” 2CD (RVGN Intl) £11.95 New
Pekko Käppi “Vuonna '86” Vinyl LP (Singing Knives) £11.95 New
Katastrophy Wife “All Kneel” Vinyl LP (Do Yourself In) (RECORD STORE DAY 2014 RELEASE) £15.95 New
Kawaguchi/ Shinsuke/ Takahasi “Big Jar Solo Sets” DVD (Archive) £3.50 Used - Very Good
Mike Kelley “Silver Ball (Light And Color, Mostly)” Coloured LP (Clear) (Table of the Elements) £14.95 New
The Kevorkian Solution “allsymbolsarebastards” CD (Deathstill) £5.00 New
Khost “Copper Lock Hell” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Khost “Corrosive Shroud” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
King Champion Sounds “Songs For The Golden Hour” Vinyl 10”/ CD (Louder Than War) £12.95 New
The Kingdoms Of Elgaland – Vargaland “National Anthem No. 1” CD (Ash International) £13.95 New
Kishi Bashi “Lighght” CD (Joyful Noise) £11.95 New
Kishi Bashi “Lighght” Vinyl LP (Joyful Noise) £15.95 New
Thomas Köner “Novaya Zemlaya” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Jun Konagaya “Travel” CD (Art-Into-Life) £20.95 New
Ebbo Kraan “Aletta” Vinyl 12” (Rwina) £7.95 New
Kreuzweg OST “Gott Mit Uns” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Stefan Kushima “Don't Touch The Walls” CDr (Blackest Rainbow) £2.50 New
Stefan Kushima “Inner Hands” Cassette (Blackest Rainbow) £2.50 New
Stefan Kushima “Magnetic Levitation” Cassette (Blackest Rainbow) £5.00 New
L-Vis 1990/ Sickboy/ Starkey/ Ebola “Pinned Vol 1” Vinyl 12” (Proboscus Records) £6.95 New
Last Ex “Last Ex” CD (Constellation) £11.95 New
Leaders of the New School “A Future Without A Past” 2LP (Traffic Entertainment) £23.95 New
Lehn/ Schmickler “Navigation im Hypertext” CD (a-Musik) £12.95 New
Leiras “A Separate Lineage” Vinyl 12” (TURQUOISE VINYL) (Ownlife) £7.95 New
Le Lendemain “Fires” CD (Home Normal) £8.00 Used - Like New
Sebastian Lexer & Christoph Schiller “Luftwurzeln” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Like A Tim “Red And Blue Boxing” CD (Rephlex) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Andrew Liles “Fast Forward Through Time (Illusion Four)” Vinyl LP (United Dairies) New £15.95
Arto Lindsay “Prize” CD (Rykodisc) £8.00 Used - Good
Locust “Wrong” 2CD (Touch) £18.95 New
Francisco López “Conops” CD (GD Stereo) £13.95 New
Francisco López “Untitled #89” CD £10.00 New
Francisco López “Untitled #274” CD (Important) £12.95 New
Francisco López & Michael Gendreau “tddm” 2CD (Sonoris) £14.95 New
Lord Fist “The Wordless Wisdom Of” Vinyl 12” (Full Contact) £12.95 New
Maurice Louca “Salute The Parrot” CD (Nawa) £11.95 New
Samara Lubelski “Future Slip” CD (Ecstatic Peace!) £6.00 Used - Good
Samara Lubelski “The Fleeting Skies” CD (The Social Registry) £11.95 New
Machinefabriek “Weleer” (Lampse) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Mainliner “Mellow Out” Vinyl LP (Riot Season) £15.95 New
Make Up “I Want Some” CD (K) £11.95 New
Maranata “Royal Hex” Cassette (The Tapeworm) £6.50 New
Paul De Marinis “Music As A Second Language” CD (Lovely) £8.00 Used - Very
Massacre “Killing Time” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Mattin & Richard Francis “Lisa Says” Vinyl LP (CLEAR VINYL - LIMITED TO 300 HANDNUMBERED COPIES) (Auf Abwegen) £11.95 New
Hisham Mayet “The Divine River: Ceremonial Pageantry In The Sahel” DVD (Sublime Frequencies) £16.95 New
Hisham Mayet “Vodoun Gods on the Slave Coast” DVD (Sublime Frequencies) £13.95 New
Mechanical Children “Rise To Cover All” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 New
The Mekons “Where Were You?” Vinyl 7” (Fast) £7.99 Collectible - Very Good
The Men “Open Your Heart” CD (Sacred Bones) £7.95 New
The Men “Tomorrow's Hits” CD (Sacred Bones) £11.95 New
Mercury Rev “Bronx Cheer” CD (Columbia) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Merzbow “Peace For Animals” CD (Quasi Pop) £5.00 Used - Good
Merzbow “Rattus rattus” CD (Scarcelight) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Merzbow vs Nordvargr “Partikel III” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Yves De Mey “Drawn With Shadow Pens” 2LP (Spectrum Spools) £22.95 New
Robert Millis “This World Is Unreal Like A Snake In A Rope” DVD (Sublime Frequencies) £16.95 New
Moha! “One Way Ticket To Candyland” Vinyl LP £15.95 New
Achim Mohne “Accelerated Standstill” Vinyl LP (Touch) £12.95 New
Moloch “Die Isolation” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Motor Ghost “A Gold Chain Round Her Breast” Vinyl LP (Dancing Wayans) £14.95 New
Nick Mott “The Visitors” Vinyl LP (alt.vinyl) £12.00 Used - Very Good
Mouthus “Saw A Halo” CD (Load) £6.00 Used - Very Good
Moviola “Broken Horses (Early Rarities)” CD (Spirit Of Orr) £2.50 New
Mr 76ix “Hits Of 76ix par2” Vinyl LP (Skam) £11.95 New
Mudboy “Mort Aux Vaches” CD (Mort Aux Vaches) £12.95 New
Muscletusk “Live At The Captain's Rest Unverified” CDr £2.00 New
Muslimgauze “Satyajit Eye” CD (Staalplaat) £13.95 New
MV & EE “Godchaux Free Brattleboro” 4 x Cassette Boxset (Blackest Rainbow) £20.00 New
Mz. 412 “Burning The Temple Of God” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Mz. 412 “Hekatomb” CD (Cold Spring) £10.50 New
Mz. 412 “In Nomine Dei Nostri Satanas Luciferi Excelsi” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Mz. 412 “Nordik Battle Signs” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
N:Q “Enregistrement Live • Rennes 20 Mai 2000” CD (Fibrr) £6.00 New
Nalle “Wilder Shores of Love” CD (alt.vinyl) £8.00 New
Ben Nash “Oh Lordy Me! (My Heart Is Wandering Again)” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 New
NDE “Kampfbereit” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
NDE “Krieg Blut Ehre Asche” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
The Necks “Mosquito/ See Through” 2CD (ReR) £15.95 New
Negativland “Negativconcertland” CD (180 G) £13.95 New
B. J. Nilsen “The Invisible City” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
B. J. Nilsen “The Short Night” Vinyl LP New
Nocturnal Emissions “Drowning In A Sea of Bliss” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Nonhorse “Haraam, Circle Of Flame” CD (Release The Bats) £3.00 New
Nonhorse “Xol Mic” Cassette (Abandon Ship) £2.50 New
The North Sea “Almost Perfect Illusion” Cassette (Blackest Rainbow) £5.00 New
No Spill Blood “Heavy Electricity” CD (Sargent House) £9.95 New
Nurse With Wound “The Musty Odour Of Pierced Rectums” Coloured LP (Brown) (Beta-lactam Ring) £23.95 New
Obake “Mutations” CD (Rare Noise) £10.95 New
Obake “Mutations” Vinyl LP (Rare Noise) £15.95 New
Obliterations “Poison Everything” CD (Southern Lord) £9.95 New
Obliterations “Poison Everything” Vinyl LP (Southern Lord) £14.95 New
Obscura “Wah/Fuzz/Swell” CD (C-Pij) £4.00 Used - Very Good
Officer! “Dead Unique” CD (Blackest Ever Black) £10.95 New
Old Man Gloom “Live in London” 2LP (Full Contact) £23.95 New
Roberto Opalio “Chants From Isolated Ghosts” CD (Important Records) £5.00 Used - Good
Orphan Fairytale “Comets Come Alive” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 New
Othon “Digital Angel” CD (Durtro Jnana) £8.95 New
Ous Mal “Nuojuva Halava” CD (Preservation) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Owl Xounds Exploding Galaxy “Splintered Visions” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £11.95 New
p53 (Chris Cutler/ Lutz Glandien/ Marie Goyette/ Zygmunt Krauze/ Otomo Yoshihide) “p53” CD (ReR) £13.95 New
Rosie Parlane “Iris” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Rosie Parlane “Jessamine” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Pelican “The Cliff” Vinyl LP (Southern Lord) £14.50 New
People Under The Stairs “12 Step Program” CD (Piecelock) £11.95 New
Dave Phillips “Homo Animalis” 2CD (Schimpfluch Associates) £16.95 New
Poison Idea “Confuse & Conquer” CD (Southern Lord) £8.95 New
Maria Pomianowska & Group Gaindé “Warszawa - Dakar” CD (Fortune) £13.95 New
Henri Pousseur “Parabolique D'Enfer CD (Sub Rosa) £13.95 New
Prefuse 73 “Forsyth Gardens” Vinyl LP (Temporary Residence) £17.95 New
Eddie Prévost/ Organum “Flayed/ Crux” CD (Matchless) £13.95 New
Proxima “Alpha” 2LP (Tempa) £14.95 New
Purity Supreme “Always Already” Vinyl LP (Ash International) £8.95 New
Q.O. “Q.O.” Vinyl 7” (Rectangle) £4.00 Used - Like New
QuintetAvant “en concert à la salees des fêtes” CD (Editions Mego) £12.95 New
Éliane Radigue “L'Île Re-sonante” CD (Shiiin) £18.95 New
Éliane Radigue “Nadjorlak: Pour Charles Curtis-Violoncelle” CD (Shiiin) £18.95 New
Éliane Radigue “Adnos I-III” 3CD (Important) £29.95 New
Rammellzee “Brainstorm” Vinyl 12” (Gamma Proforma) £7.95 New
Rättö ja Lehtisalo “UU mama” CD (Ektro) £11.95 New
Rehberg & Bauer “Passt” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Reigning Sound “Shattered” CD (Merge) £10.95 New
Reigning Sound “Shattered” Vinyl LP (Merge) £15.95 New
Michael Renkel “Errorkoerper III” CD (Absinth) £3.00 Used - Very Good
Retribution Body “Aokigahara” Vinyl LP (CLEAR WAX) (Type) £14.50 New
Matana Roberts “Coin Coin Chapter Two: Mississippi Moonchile” CD (Constellation) £11.95 New
Steve Roden/ In Be Tween Noise “The Radio” CD (Sonoris) £6.95 New
Matt Rössner “Post” CD (Carbon Series) £4.00 Used - Like New
Mikhaïl Rudy & Jeff Mills “When Time Splits” CD (Axis) £10.95 New
Alexandre St-Onge “Joseph Carey Merrick” CDep (Oral) £6.95 New
The Saints “King of the Sun/ King of the Midnight Sun” 2LP (Fire) £17.95 New
Alex Sanders “A Witch is Born” CD (Mother Isle) £7.95 New
Schloss Tegal “Oranur III “The Third And Final Report”” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Domenico Sciajno “Sequens” CD (Bowindo) £2.00 New
Mike Shiflet & High Aura’d “Awake” Vinyl LP (Type) £14.50 New
Sievehead “Into The Blue” Vinyl LP (Evil Hoodoo/ Milk Run) £9.95
Silo “Work” Vinyl LP (Novennial) £14.50 New
Silvercords “Divergence Eve” CDr (Time Lag) £3.00 New
Sinistri “Free Pulse” (Häpna) CD £6.00 New
Siskiyou “Nervous” CD (Constellation) £11.95 New
Siskiyou “Nervous” Vinyl LP (Constellation) £18.95 New
Sistrenatus “Sensitive Disturbance” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
The Smith Quartet with John Tilbury “Music For Piano And Strings, Volume 2” DVD (Matchless) £26.95 New
Sohrab “A Hidden Place” Vinyl LP (Touch) £12.95 New
Soulside “Trigger/ Bass 103” Vinyl LP (Dischord) £13.95 New
Souls of Mischief “There Is Only Now” Vinyl LP (Linear Labs) £17.95 New
Adrian Younge Presents: SOULS OF MISCHIEF “There Is Only Now” Vinyl 10” (LIMITED EDITION ORANGE VINYL) (Linear Labs) £17.95 New
Soundbites “Bootlegs For A Mashed-up Generation” Vinyl 12” (Deathsucker) £6.95 New
South Saturn Delta “Experience The Concreteness” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Stearica “Fertile” CD (Monotreme) £9.95 New
Cedric Stevens “Hanging In The Wires” Vinyl LP (Discrepant) £15.95 New
Stock, Hausen & Walkman “Empty BoxTM” Vinyl 10” (Fire, Inc) £5.00 New
Steve Stoll “Replicants” Vinyl 12” (DE: Tuned) £7.95 New
Strafe FR “Lufthunger” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Sunburned Hand of the Man “No Magic Man” CD (Arthur) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Surgeon “Balance” 2LP (Tresor) £15.95 New
The Swifter “The Wormhole Presents…” Vinyl LP (The Wormhole) £13.50
Tashi Dorji “Blue Twelve” Vinyl LP (X-Ray) £18.95 New
Ghédalia Tazartès “Jeanne” CD (Van d'Oeuvre) £13.95 New
Teho Teardo “Ballyturk” CD (Specula) £11.95 New
Tefiton “Tefiton” Vinyl LP (Anthropometrics) £11.95 New
Martin Tétreault et Le Quatuor De Tourne-Disques “Points, Lignes avec Haut-Parleurs” CD/ DVD (Oral) £14.95 New
Thee Majesty “Live at the Pezner” (Genesis P. Orridge [THROBBING GRISTLE/ PSYCHIC TV] & Bryin Dall [4TH SIGN OF THE APOCALYPSE/ HIRSUTE PURSUIT]) Vinyl LP (Dais) £17.50 New
Thighpaulsandra “The Golden Communion” 2CD (Editions Mego) £23.95 New
Thighpaulsandra “The Golden Communion” 3LP (Editions Mego) £34.95 New
Thousands “Overflow'd & Gush'd Out” CD (Foxglove) £1.50 New
Thousands “Skinless/ Boneless” Cassette (Abandon Ship) £2.50 New
Asmus Tietchens “Stupor Mundi” CD (Auf Abwegen) £11.95 New
Tight Meat Duo “Tight Meat Duo (Lathe Cut)” Vinyl 7” (alt.vinyl) £8.00 New
Today Is The Day “Animal Mother” CD (Southern Lord) £12.95 New
Giancarlo Toniuti “La Mutazione” Vinyl LP (Black Truffle) £14.50 New
Trans/Human “The Wider” CDr (Blackest Rainbow) £6.99 New
Transllusion “The Opening of the Cerebral Gate” CD (Tresor) £ New
Traxman “Da Mind Of Traxman Vol.2” 2LP (Planet Mu) £15.95 New
Trepaneringsritualen “Veil the World” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Tsunga “Maris Piper” Vinyl 10” (Black Acre) £7.95 New
Tsurubami “Tsukuyomi Ni” CD (Riot Season) £7.00 New
Lem Tuggle “Breakout” Cassette (Ash International) £2.75 New
Alexander Turnquist “Faint at the Loudest Hour” CD (vhf) £7.00 Used - Very Good
Twinsistermoon “When Stars Glide Through Solid” CD (Blackest Rainbow) £9.95 New
Ufomammut “Ecate” CD (Neurot) £8.95 New
Unchained “Problems” CDr (Diamond Tribe) £5.00 Used - Very Good
Undercarriage “Homunculus” CDr (Blackest Rainbow) £6.99 New
Cathi Unsworth “Johnny Remember Me” Cassette (The Tapeworm) £6.50 New
Mika Vainio/ Joachim Nordwall “Monstrance” CD £12.95 New
Mika Vainio/ Joachim Nordwall “Monstrance” 2LP £18.95 New
VVV “Separate Planes” Vinyl 12” (Hush Hush) £5.95 New
Mika Vainio “Fe₃O₄” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
The Van Patterson Quartet “Live at F.W.” Cassette (The Tapeworm) £7.00 New
Various Artists “DEGEM CD 11: Wandlungen Unplump” CD (Edition DEGEM) £9.95 New
Various Artists “Dry Tribes: Live in Tempe, AZ” CDr (NotNotFun) £3.50 New
Various Artists “Fight For Hard Techno” Vinyl 12” (Mental Torments) £7.95 New
Various Artists ” Hörspiel Avec… Madame De Shanghai” CD (La Muse En Circuit) £12.95 New
Various Artists “Hyperdub 10.1” 2CD £13.95 New
Various Artists “Hyperdub 10.4” 2CD £13.95 New
Various Artists “Isvolt” CD (Robot Elephant) £5.00 Used - Good
Various Artists “It Happened On A Day” Vinyl 10” (The Great Pop Supplement) £7.95 New
Various Artists “Menagerie” CD (Blackest Rainbow) £4.00 New
Various Artists “Neues Noise” CD (Vatican Analogue) £2.00 New
Various Artists “off-centre” 2LP (Palm Pictures) £8.00 New
Various Artists “Touch. Ringtones” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Nikos Veliotis/ Costis Drygianakos “28/04/2001” CDr (Absurd) £2.50 Used - Very Good
Velodrome 2000 “Jet Boy Star Girl E.P.” Vinyl 7” (Popstar) £3.00 New
VHF “Statics” CD (L'Innomable) £3.00 Used - Like New
Vomit Lunch “Violent Clash Between Killer Gaslands of Ear Dot Remix” Picture Disc 10” (Hot Fat) £5.00 New
Von Thronstahl “Conscriptvm” 2CD CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Ryley Walker “All Kinds Of You” CD (Tompkins Square) £12.95 New
Alex Ward “Cremated Thoughts” CD (Treader) £6.00 New
Warhorse “As Heaven Turns to Ash” 2LP (Southern Lord) £22.95 New
Mark Wastell “Amoungst English Men” CDr (Absinth) £12.00 Used - Very Good
Chris Watson “In St Cuthbert's Time” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Chris Watson “Outside the Circle of Fire” CD (Touch) £12.95 New
Watter “This World” CD (Temporary Residence) £11.95 New
When “The Black Death” Vinyl LP (Soma) £18.95 New
Whirlwind Heat “Flamingo Honey” Vinyl 10” (XL) £8.00 New
White Rock “Tarpit” CD (Troubleman Unlimited) £8.00 Used - Very Good
Keith Fullerton Whitman “Multiples” CD (Kranky) £6.00 Used - Like New
Wicked King Wicker “God Is Busy… Save Yourself” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
Andre Williams “Life” CD (Alive) £12.95 New
Andre Williams “Life” Vinyl LP (Alive) £13.50 New
Leslie Winer “2&c.” CD (The Wormhole) £13.50 New
Wooden Wand “Wither Thou Goest, Cretin” Vinyl LP (Blackest Rainbow) £12.00 Used - Very Good
Wooden Wand & Owen Tromans “Circle/ Guru Femmes” Vinyl 7” (Critical Heights) £3.95 New
Jon Wozencraft “Touch & Fuse” Book (Touch) £15.95 New
Olivia Wyatt “The Pierced Heart & The Machete” DVD (Sublime Frequencies) £16.95 New
Yuma Nora “Jewels In The Snakepit” CDr (NotNotFun) £5.00 New
Otomo Yoshihide “Re/cycling Rectangle” Vinyl 7 ” (Rectangle) £6.00 Used - Like New
Nate Young “Blinding Confusion” Vinyl LP (NNA Tapes) £15.95 New
ZA! “WWWWWWWW” 2LP (The Audacious Art Experiment) £16.00 New
Z'ev “A Handful Of Elements” CD (Cold Spring) £9.95 New
John Zorn “Filmworks XII” CD (Tzadik) £14.95 New
John Zorn “Interzone” CD (Tzadik) £14.95 New
John Zorn “What Thou Wilt” CD (Tzadik) £13.95 New

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